Nuvola Provvisori

Dear Customer, "Provvisori" are temporary tombstones made in polystyrene which take the place of the definitivegranitic ones till those are ready.

The demand for this kind of item is costantly growing.Although their use limited in time, the products' quality must be at the highest level.
Nuvola produces the lastest generation of "Provvisori", a line that well represents an ideal ratio between quality and price.

Nuvola Provvisori

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The product we offer is the risult of many years of experiencein the foam polystyrene working. The ensemble is nice looking and the article is solid, resistant and inexpensive.
All the production process - from the idea to the final "Provvisori", - takes place on a 1000 square metre area. Thisallows short term deliveries and flexible production in orderto satisfy any kind of need. We produce Provvisori, Loculus Covers, Cinerary Urns and Coffin Tools in the colours and in the dimensions you require.

From provisional to half-finalized

Today we are able to provide you with a product that can last up to 5 years.

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We are mindful of the needs of every single customer, we have dozens of models.

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Provisional New generation and half-finalized